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ctr scan

The CTR scan is a non-invasive, reliable and valid surface measurement of skin distraction, between levels C7 and T5.

Palpate C7
The patient is placed in a sitting position. Palpate the spinous process of C7. Instruct the patient to sit upright to increase pre-tension. In this position mark the spinous process of C7,  the reference point.

Mark motion segments

In upright posture put the top of the CTR ruler at the C7 reference point and let it follow the outline of the spine. Mark the motion segments in the pre-set segmental  openings, using a pen.

Measure C7-T5 flexion

Instruct the patient to flex forward, keeping the chin  towards the  sternum and not elevate the shoulders. Measure flexion mobility  by matching skin markings onto the CTR  ruler.